Dress your ATM with Custom Cabinets and Branded Wraps

Your ATM does not need to stand out like a sore thumb. Make it fit your interior decor by wrapping it in a beautiful custom built wooden cabinet. ATM USA offers a wide variety of high quality, hand crafted custom cabinets, custom fitted and hand finished to add beauty and class without restricting functionality.

Get Your Cash Without the Clash

Protect your investment by wrapping your ATM in a rich, hand made wooden cabinet, custom finished to match your interior design. With dozens of colors, styles and finishes to choose from, ATM USA can help you add class and charm to your ATM while allowing your customers to get cash without the clash.

Display Your Brand Front and Center

Custom branded decorative wraps are an excellent and inexpensive way to refresh the look of any ATM. These durable wraps can display your business logo, promotional messages, or any photo-ready artwork in bold, vivid color without fading. The wraps can be applied to cover paint, scuffs and scratches and add a clean custom finish to any ATM, old or new.

For more information regarding ATM USA’s Custom Cabinets or Branded Wraps, please contact us at 1-877-403-5087, or e-mail info@atmusa.com. Contact us now.


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